Multi-Dealer Blackjack from Cryptologic

While multiplayer blackjack games are relatively common and extremely popular, multi-dealer games are a relatively new concept. In this game, players are able to compete against multiple dealers with multiple hands, truly pushing their skills to the limit.

How it is Played

As an example, let's say a player logs into a Cryptologic multi-dealer blackjack game. First, that player can select the number of hands he wishes to play and the number of dealers to play against. In this example, the player will select three hands and four dealers for a total of 12 games. Now, when the player places his bet, he will place his bets per-game. So, at $2.00 per game, the player would wager $24.00 total. After the game has played out, the software will automatically determine the winners and pay out winnings accordingly. A table will pop up after the game if players want to review the results in detail.

Game Options

In a game of multi-dealer blackjack from Cryptologic, there are several different options from which players can select. First, the color of the blackjack table can be adjusted to the player's liking. Next, the player can choose to play between one and 250 dealers at the same time--a truly massive undertaking. Finally, the player must choose how much to wager per hand. If the player wants to play the $1.00 minimum with three of his own hands against 250 dealers, this would mean a grand total of $750.00 in a single wager. Though the losses could be great, imagine the potential winnings!

Multi-dealer blackjack from Cryptologic seeks to change the way people play blackjack online for the better. With bigger changes for winning significant money only a few clicks away, more and more people are trying out this game with big hopes and dreams.