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A world where new players are lost because they have no clue how a game of backgammon is played; a world where people willing to learn the game cannot because they just cannot afford to waste money on practice ? that world is long gone!

We now live in a world where technology has made things easier than ever before. Our new gaming world revolves around player satisfaction and all this was made possible by online gaming.

Bwin is one of the largest gaming portals that offer a variety of gambling entertainment to people from around the world. People can engage in sports betting, casino games, poker, skill games like yatzy, and other specialty games like the backgammon.

Towards helping new players learn the game and practice it until they are able to find their way through, Bwin offers free game play. Players are given fun money to play with and they can practice backgammon to their heart's content, while going through the instructions provided by the site on how the game is played, and what strategies are used to come out a winner. This practice mode is an excellent way of getting into the game.

Another exciting way for the dare-devils is playing backgammon free at Bwin, by enrolling in the freerolls, which are free tournaments where players don't need to buy-in. The best part is, even without paying anything to join these tournaments; players stand to win a lot of money. It may sound unbelievable but the fact is that these freerolls yield big cash.

Bwin offers several such free tournaments, where beginners can get started with the game of backgammon without risking their money.

Talking of free, how about a backgammon school you can join for free? Isn't this the most invaluable free offer ever? Learning backgammon entails understanding the nuances and gaining an insight into how best to play the game, in order to come out a winner. Bwin's backgammon school offers this free of cost to players! A practical overview of excellent tips combined with surprising hints is what is waiting for you at Bwin.