Understanding Online Blackjack 21

When regular gamblers are asked for their favorite online casino game, many of them will reply Blackjack 21 without any hesitation. With just a bit of training and some information, anyone can be successful at this game.

Rules and Payouts

The rules of blackjack 21 are simple; players must beat the dealer with a hand worth 21 points, or as close to 21 points as possible without going over. The standard payout for a two-card blackjack is 3:2 while winning against the dealer pays out 1:1. Some games have alternate bets that allow players to wager on pairs or place insurance bets if the dealer has an Ace showing, but these rules vary from venue to venue.

Optional Rules

Some casinos will also allow players to split, double down or surrender in certain situations. The split rule applies when players have two cards with a value of 10 or a pair of any other number. This way, the player can create two hands out of one. Doubling down occurs when a player chooses to double their bet in exchange for a single card. The surrender rule states that a player with a poor hand can surrender half of their ante and get the other half returned to them.

Table Limits

Blackjack 21 is available in several different table limits. Players may choose to wager $1.00 per hand or as much as $500.00 in some casinos. This way, blackjack fits into everyone's budget and wagers can be adjusted as the game progresses. This also allows players to follow betting strategies that will help them better manage their bankrolls, including those that involve positive or negative progressions. Insurance bets are always half of the original wager.

Players who are new to blackjack should visit one of the free online blackjack rooms for practice before playing for real money. Though the game sounds simple enough, it certainly takes some time and effort to become proficient.